When Reading is Hard Work

One of the things I have found most difficult about adulthood is the need to motivate myself to do things I will enjoy. When I was a child, I would do them without thinking. I wouldn't need to 'make time to read', I would just read whenever I had a moment. I wouldn't have to... Continue Reading →


Remembering Robin

CW: This short story contains explicit discussion of suicide, self-harm and childhood trauma. The floor was made of stone tiles so smooth and slippery that they might as well have been glass. With each footstep she felt the soles of her boots slide just a little even as they clicked against the alabaster surface. It... Continue Reading →

What Bullet Journalling Means to Me

A little over eighteen months ago, I started to hear about something called bullet journalling. If you've been anywhere on the internet these past couple of years, it's likely a term you've also heard - at least in passing, if not in-depth. It is not an exaggeration to say that deciding to start my own... Continue Reading →


The first sign is when everything gets louder. It’s almost as if it all moved closer; the traffic noise is no longer peripheral, it's right there against her eardrums along with the chatter of people talking and the pulsing of her heartbeat - which is the second sign. Thumping faster, she's sure it's happening now.... Continue Reading →


I don't forget things; I just can't remember them. The empty spot in my mind holds my heart and squeezes it dry, as if the blood could fill it. I can look at a page I thought I'd never read and know for sure I've read it before. But I don't remember it. My mind... Continue Reading →

On This Day

Christmas time is when your pictures appear in my Facebook feed on this day! it proclaims. on this day you had not abandoned all of these people. do you remember? they used to be friends, and you left saying nothing. remember how terrible a person you were. we'll make sure you never forget.


His heart touches you like fire. It's the eyes that do it, so clear and piercing that it feels like they look right through you, but suck you in all at once. You spiral down a neverending chute of pale turquoise and you don't want to stop falling. Falling is such sweet sorrow. Hands with... Continue Reading →

I’m On Patreon!

I'm delighted to announce that today I have opened my Patreon, giving another way for you all to support this blog and my writing in general. I'm really excited to go in this direction with you and I hope you are too. If you don't know what Patreon is, here's a quick explanation. Patreon is... Continue Reading →

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