How Dungeons & Dragons Makes the World Better

2017 was reportedly the biggest ever sales year for Dungeons & Dragons. There are a number of reasons for this, including the resurgence of geek culture, the similarly surging popularity of board games, and - of course - the popularity and success of Critical Role. I first started watching Critical Role in the beginning of... Continue Reading →


Half an Inch From Terrible

We got a parking ticket this weekend. Our permit lives loose on the dashboard, and in trying to stop it from flying out of the car I'd pushed it down - to the point where the expiry date couldn't be seen. So we got a parking ticket. It's the second time this has happened. You... Continue Reading →

The Right Way To Write

Shockingly, though you are probably coming here thinking this is a title I'm going to disagree with, I actually think it can be true. I totally believe there is a 'right way to write'. It's just that the 'right way to write' is whatever suits you at any given time. I asked this week how... Continue Reading →


Five Tools for Self-Publishing

Apparently it is the week of clickbait titles. Welcome back to another self-publishing advice blog post - today I want to talk to you about some of the incredible services you can find online, tools which will help you not only to self-publish a novel but to get yourself working towards that goal. All of... Continue Reading →


Eye Contact

I never look people in the eyes. It isn't a deliberate choice; I just can't. I used to, once, when I was younger - when looking was less painful. Things made more sense then. You see, we look each other in the eyes to see emotions; opinions; thoughts made manifest in the lines of a... Continue Reading →


10 Steps to Self-Promotion: Doing The Thing You Hate

This week I asked you whether any of you had any questions you wanted answers, and I got some wonderful ones! Today I'm going to address this question from the wonderful Stephanie, the incredible woman to whom Mundane Magic is dedicated. Something I hear a lot is how time-consuming promotion is for new authors, to... Continue Reading →


Write Like You’re Running Out Of Time?

For people who are making the step from a hobby writer to a professional writer, there's something that weighs heavily on the mind - how fast, or how much, should I be writing? This is especially true of fiction, where writing speeds vary from multiple books a year to one book a decade. Published authors... Continue Reading →


Protos: Beta Read Teaser!

Five years ago, I created a character. In those ensuing years, she has changed my life. Hers is the story that I wanted to tell even when I was writing and publishing Mundane Magic. She is why I learned the way to self-publish, why I went into writing as a career. And starting tomorrow, you... Continue Reading →


How to Recover Repeatedly

It is 7.45am on Monday morning, and the decorators have just arrived to begin work on our living room and hallway. I'm unhappy about having to get up early. Groggy, because I slept badly and probably only got a few hours of sleep. This is all fantastic timing, considering the writing deadline I have this... Continue Reading →


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