Letter From a 4-year-old Daughter to Her Doting Parents

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I would like to point out
the rainbow spectrum of colour
that makes up the world.
You see, I’m worried.
I don’t think you can see
all the lovely bright colours –
I’m afraid that you’re
quite monotonal.

When it was just pink pyjamas,
I didn’t mind it so much.
But then came the pink pram
and the matching pink bag
for the pink nappies and pink mat
that you use when we change
my pink dresses.

You see, my worry is
that you don’t see the world
like I do. I don’t mind pink –
it’s alright I suppose.
But just once, every now and then,
could I have something…

Don’t be scared.
I won’t ask for blue straight away.
Let’s start small.
How about yellow?


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