(Un)bind Me

For years now I have wandered with you safe within my mind. To me you are as real as earth; a precious jewel I have confined. I know I must release you soon; no, I cannot keep you here. A prisoner within my thoughts that no one else may overhear. For in my mind you... Continue Reading →



we are standing on identical mountains. there is a gulf of space between us - we try to jump, but mostly we just fall. so instead we call out to each other. we talk across this space and then, it is not quite so wide as it was. the words change us: we see that... Continue Reading →


When you sleep I watch you like a silhouette; Everything I didn't think I wanted, Laid out before me like an unexpected gift. Too old, too experienced, too taken, So unlike me in so many ways: we would never fit. Sometimes a beam of light shifts, And I see your profile in stark relief. How... Continue Reading →


The first sign is when everything gets louder. It’s almost as if it all moved closer; the traffic noise is no longer peripheral, it's right there against her eardrums along with the chatter of people talking and the pulsing of her heartbeat - which is the second sign. Thumping faster, she's sure it's happening now.... Continue Reading →


I don't forget things; I just can't remember them. The empty spot in my mind holds my heart and squeezes it dry, as if the blood could fill it. I can look at a page I thought I'd never read and know for sure I've read it before. But I don't remember it. My mind... Continue Reading →

On This Day

Christmas time is when your pictures appear in my Facebook feed on this day! it proclaims. on this day you had not abandoned all of these people. do you remember? they used to be friends, and you left saying nothing. remember how terrible a person you were. we'll make sure you never forget.

For Jill

the gift of hope is given much by chance; for none may know how each other heart sings its dawning light. yet most precious of all is the one who dares - who takes the tiny dying star and gives it wings to help it shine anew. i cannot imagine a world without her gift... Continue Reading →


you brush your teeth. change, gratefully, into your bedclothes. the dim light of your Kindle illuminates the room. next to you, he's started snoring. you read to the sound, intermittent and infuriating, an hour passing without any effort at all. then your eyes begin to close, and you place the book aside. sleep. you'll need... Continue Reading →

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