talisman noun An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. -- I have nightmares, sometimes, about being robbed. I dream that someone will come up to me in the street and point at the expensive headphones I'm wearing. I doubt I'm the only... Continue Reading →


Remembering Robin

CW: This short story contains explicit discussion of suicide, self-harm and childhood trauma. The floor was made of stone tiles so smooth and slippery that they might as well have been glass. With each footstep she felt the soles of her boots slide just a little even as they clicked against the alabaster surface. It... Continue Reading →


His heart touches you like fire. It's the eyes that do it, so clear and piercing that it feels like they look right through you, but suck you in all at once. You spiral down a neverending chute of pale turquoise and you don't want to stop falling. Falling is such sweet sorrow. Hands with... Continue Reading →

The Siege of Corfe Castle

In 1642 during the English Civil War, the royalist Corfe Castle was placed under siege by Parliamentarian forces - and held by the miraculous work of a single woman. She came to be known as Brave Dame Mary for her years-long hold against the assaults of the Parlimentarians. This is her story. “Mary,” John said to... Continue Reading →

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