Writing Mental Health: Madness & Endurance in Sagas of Sundry

"What is it that makes someone insane - that makes them deranged, irrational, crazy?" asks Mr. Wren, the deep-voiced narrator expertly acted by the ever-intense and wonderful Darin De Paul. This is not a new question to any kind of media - especially not in the Lovecraftian, 1930s-inspired setting of Geek and Sundry's latest edition... Continue Reading →


The Stories We Tell – A Review of John Green’s “Turtles All the Way Down”

"Whoever is authoring me," says Aza Holmes as the narrator of her own downward spiral, "let me up out of this. Anything to be out of this." Of all the aspects of anxiety, the constant barrage of the noise of your own thoughts is the hardest to explain. Not because it defies articulation - but... Continue Reading →

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