Mundane Magic Sale!

From now until the 24th December, Mundane Magic is on sale! For this week only you can get it digitally for a steal at less than £3/$4/€3 - that's almost half the normal retail price! Mundane Magic is my debut novel that asks what it means to be special. It is a low fantasy/magical realism... Continue Reading →


For Jill

the gift of hope is given much by chance; for none may know how each other heart sings its dawning light. yet most precious of all is the one who dares - who takes the tiny dying star and gives it wings to help it shine anew. i cannot imagine a world without her gift... Continue Reading →

Writing Out Of Sequence

"Oh, I just started at the beginning and wrote through to the end." We all know at least one person like this. The ones who make a plan, and rigidly follow it from start to finish. They seem to have it made - a clear path, from A-Z, which they are sticking on with focus... Continue Reading →

How to Create Adaptive Stories

As many of you will know, my second job is as a volunteer administrator for Iron Realms Entertainment. In my spare time, I also run live roleplaying games and occasionally tabletop games. I've talked before about how these things greatly improve my writing skills. Today I want to talk about something that these writing-adjacent activities... Continue Reading →

Writing for Yourself

I am trying very hard to write this novel for me. You can easily Google hundreds upon hundreds of quotes about this adage: write for yourself; do not write for your audience. Write because you love the story, and write the story you love, because that is what will give you a truly unique story.... Continue Reading →


you brush your teeth. change, gratefully, into your bedclothes. the dim light of your Kindle illuminates the room. next to you, he's started snoring. you read to the sound, intermittent and infuriating, an hour passing without any effort at all. then your eyes begin to close, and you place the book aside. sleep. you'll need... Continue Reading →

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