The Hidden Costs of Self-Publishing

In the past I have spoken a lot about the major costs involved in self-publishing: editing, advertising, the things you probably already know about or can at least guess about. Today I want to talk about the things that you might not have considered. The ones that seem small, but add up, and if you're... Continue Reading →


Everything Is Connected

Everyone gets stressed. When we do, it's easy to look for 'the cause'. For the one thing responsible for your stress - as if there is ever only one thing. Sometimes we find something and cling to it: it's my commute; my huge project at work; my uncle being sick. Those big things that are... Continue Reading →

(Un)bind Me

For years now I have wandered with you safe within my mind. To me you are as real as earth; a precious jewel I have confined. I know I must release you soon; no, I cannot keep you here. A prisoner within my thoughts that no one else may overhear. For in my mind you... Continue Reading →


Protos: Become a Beta Reader!

Sometimes you must light a lamp to understand the darkness. Only then, Corentine knows, can you see what you are missing - what the darkness stole from you. What it was hiding. For many years, she and her partner Kalyani have been that lamp; the light shone into the dark to reveal its depth. The... Continue Reading →


Loving Without Restraint

Today I want to talk to you about something that I love, very very much, and very rarely talk about completely candidly. Oh, I talk about it - I have talked a lot about fandom and how the foundation of my writing comes from fanfiction. I am not ashamed of this. It's hugely important to... Continue Reading →


Letters to Myself

CW: Graphic description of self-harm, self-hatred. I sat down just now to write you a blog post about loving things without restraint; about the freedom of being able to be enthused and comfortable in your hobbies and likes and loves. I'm still intending to show you that post later this week. But whilst I was... Continue Reading →


Reeling From Kindness

I have never considered myself a very successful person. This is rubbish, of course. I have had many, many successes in my life - including before these past few years. I know this logically. But this knowledge has never quite translated. I have always found, and this may be an anxious person's experience or it... Continue Reading →


Writing Like Clockwork

There is a perception of writers that we are all these carefree souls who write as and when the whimsy takes us. That we are tied by nothing, and work best when left to cycle round sleeping and writing and drinking coffee. I'm certain that there are, in fact, writers out there who are just... Continue Reading →



we are standing on identical mountains. there is a gulf of space between us - we try to jump, but mostly we just fall. so instead we call out to each other. we talk across this space and then, it is not quite so wide as it was. the words change us: we see that... Continue Reading →


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