War is breaking out between the planes; the human civilisations of Primus beset by the power-hungry Fae of Secundus. But there is far more to this conflict than a simple grasp for power. The Fae are but puppets, dangling from a master’s strings – for the true purpose of the war is revenge. Revenge after centuries upon centuries of waiting.

In the British Empire, the Worshipful Company of Wakemen (most certainly a guild of lamplighters, and very much not an organisation of spies and assassins) send two of their most troublesome liverymen into one dangerous mission after another, trying to stem the tide of a war that comes too close on the heels of another. But what will come to keep them on the trail is far more than simple duty; it is more than anything anyone could have possibly predicted.

Because what is coming is far more than just a war.

Protos is Rebecca’s current project – the first in a trilogy of novels about a Seer, a reluctant heir, and an Archmage with a troubled past. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter for updates!


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